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Beating the Bounds 2023

Saturday 20th May 2023

Beating the Bounds was traditionally a day for teaching the young folk of the parish the limits 
of the parish boundary. These days where there are reliable maps to hand the event has 
become more of a village ‘fun’ day. The event takes place once every 7 years.

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The route taken will start from the village sports field and follow, as closely as possible, the 
parish boundary using footpaths, bridlepaths, bridleways, roads and moorland tracks. The 
terrain underfoot can be uneven and slippery in parts and strenuous in others, particularly the 
moorland section. The whole route is approximately 16 miles long and with this in mind ‘drop￾out’ points have been identified to allow participants not wishing to complete the whole route 
to pull out and make their way back to the village.

Registration and documents

Organisers have taken every step to put together an event that will suit every ability of walker. The registration document together with the risk assessments, sample certificate and other documents are carried below. For further information, please contact the organisers.

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Lydford Parish Council welcomes you to Lydford, Dartmoor  

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