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Parish Councillors work with a sum of money known as the Precept; allocated from local taxation which they are able to spend to further the aims of the community of Lydford parish. The Council’s financial accounts are subject to scrutiny by independent internal audit. Results of audit are required to be published here. Documents detailing receipts and expenditure can be examined by appointment during a period after audit. Physical copies of all of the Council's documents can be obtained by written request to the Clerk. There is a charge for this service (See Publication Scheme 2020, Schedule of Fees)

Latest financial information
Council policies

Who we are and what we do

Register of Councillors 2019-2024

Meeting agendas 2019-2020

Meeting minutes 2010-2021

What we spend, and how we spend it

Council budget 2020 - 2021

Bank reconciliation 2019-2020

Payments (£100 +) 2019-2020

Summary of receipts and payments 2019-2020

Statement of Internal Control 2020


Priorities and how we're doing

How we make decisions

Standing Orders

Code of conduct

Policies and procedures

Data protection policy

Lists and registers

Asset register

Risk register

Services we offer

Grant policy and application form

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