Parish councils act on behalf of the community they represent. Lydford Parish Council is the voice of the local community for planning applications and a focus for local consultation by other authorities such as West Devon Borough Council, Dartmoor National Park Authority and Highways. 

Parish councils have powers to provide some facilities themselves, or they can contribute towards their provision by others. 

Your Parish Council

If the Parish Council is to make a meaningful contribution to life in Lydford it needs to know what's important to you, the villagers. Please let us know if there are local matters of concern to you, either by email (, via our Facebook Page or by speaking directly to one of your councillors. We promise to listen!

In Lydford, the Parish Council meets once a month in the Nicholls Hall to discuss current issues. These meetings are open to the public who are encouraged to attend and participate in local democracy.

Our next meeting:  

Tuesday 12th  October 2021, 7:00 pm 
Nicholls Hall, Lydford

Latest from the Parish Council:

  • Following a spate of damage to the public toilets, Councillors are looking at whether CCTV can be installed to help prevent further offences.

  • A representative from the Parish Council is to hold a fact-finding meeting with a representative of TORS (Tavistock Okehampton Reopening Scheme).

  • A sponsor has come forward to pay for the replacement of the Home Guard bench outside Merriment House. It is hoped that the new bench will be installed before Christmas.

  • Work progresses on establishing the Lydford SpeedWatch group. One site has been agreed with Devon & Cornwall police, and another is under negotiation. Three volunteers have come forward and will be trained soon, but more volunteers are always wanted.

  • Devon Dark Skies week runs through October half term week (22nd - 30th October).

  • If enough local demand can be established, the Council is hoping to establish a Tree Hub where anyone can come to collect up to 5 native deciduous tree saplings for planting on their own land, or on land where they have permission. Dates are still awaited. Anyone interested in receiving free trees should contact the Clerk on the usual email. 

Your Parish Councillors


Dr S Squires

Spring House


EX20 4BJ


Mr N Skeaping
Townend House
EX20 4AR

Mr B Cook



EX20 4AW




Mr N Grigg

Address in Lydford


Mrs R Tainsh

Olde Stone


EX20 4BH

Mr A MacIntyre

May Cottage


EX20 4AG




Mr C Blackmore

East Grange


EX20 4AR

Parish Clerk

John Bright

24 Gt Fellingfield

Mary Tavy

PL19 9QQ



Dartmoor By-law review
Dartmoor National Park have drafted a new set of By-laws and have put them out for consultation (link opens in a new window). There are a number of material changes to the existing by-laws (see summary). 

Each year the Council receives a sum of money (knows as the Precept) allocated from local taxation which they are able to spend to further the aims of the local community.


The Council’s financial accounts are subject to scrutiny and audit and are available for public inspection. More information here.

The management and operation of the Council is governed by a variety of policies, all of which can be viewed here.

Parish councils focus on local opinion and represent that opinion on issues like:


  • Highways

  • Planning

  • Transport and traffic 

  • Allotments

  • Litter

  • War Memorials

  • Seats and shelters.


  The Council can organise projects for the community, and can pay for them through the precept or by raising grant funding.

Lydford Council also allocates a part of its Precept for awarding grants to groups and organisations within the parish. The policy and application form can be found here.


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