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Lydford Defibrillator

The defibrillator in Lydford is on the outside of the Nicholls Hall.

You don't need training to use one but training CD's are available. Follow the link for more information

Lydford village today

Lydford is a idyllic village set on the fringes of Dartmoor National Park. It boasts the South-West's deepest gorge, great pubs, a castle, cycle path, village shop and a friendly community atmosphere. 

Lydford history

Lydford has had a surprisingly important role to play in the history of Devon, at times to be respected and at times to be feared. An area of industry and one of beauty.

Beating the Bounds 2023

sharp tor.jpg

Beating the bounds is an ancient tradition intended to remind people of the boundaries that were important in their lives. This year the event took place on Saturday 20th May. 

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Lydford Parish Council welcomes you to Lydford, Dartmoor  

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